Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dream diary: Part 4

Vacation to the moon
During our Florida vacation, we joked about going to the moon for our next vacation. Well, that's what we did in this dream. The moon was at Grandpa Jackson's house. While I was impatiently waiting for Dad to get into his space suit, I went outside to check things out. The backyard looked the same, but it was gently bobbing above the clouds, and I could see the top of the Utah mountains. It was a very strange experience.

New apartment
A friend tells me about this great deal for an apartment in Overture, Utah. (According to my dream, "Overture" is in a little forest somewhere, but beyond that I couldn't tell you where this place is. Bogus geography is becoming increasingly common in my dreams. See "Vacation to the moon," above.) The apartment is only $345 a month, has two bedrooms, a large kitchen, is fully furnished, and has stairs. There's also a toilet in the corner of the living room, and there are bookshelves everywhere. As if that weren't enough, there's a mall-like entrance to the apartment complex where performers sing Christmas songs year round. I eventually decide not to take the apartment because I've still got almost a year left on my current lease. Dad, however—who is there to provide a second opinion—says, "I'll take it, then!" without hesitating.

The sopping letter
I'm on a trip with some coworkers/ward members. It's a pretty fancy affair, so I have this locker stuffed with an elegant evening gown, a huge makeup kit, a shower cap, and a laptop. Just before I get ready (I think I was the guest of honor for some event) someone slips a five-page letter into my locker. Turns out it's from a guy, and hidden in those cleverly worded sentences is a request for a date. I'm trying to figure out how to respond appropriately when a giant flood hits. I don't have enough time to stuff the letter back in my locker, so it's ruined almost immediately. As the flood sweeps me away with my locker full of stuff, all I can think about is that letter I didn't get a chance to respond to. I don't care that my expensive dress is also ruined; written treasures from mysterious guys are far more valuable. I don't even care that I might drown; I'm too busy trying to recall every word of the letter I only read once. Eventually I swim/float to this church parking lot, which is the only place the flood can't touch, and I continue to brood as I'm reunited with people I know. (The letter writer was not among them, in case you were wondering.)

While I was sleeping
During my sick day, I took several naps. One of them was an unplanned, 3-hour nap on my couch, where I've previously only been able to sleep fitfully on for an hour at most. For the last two hours, my subconscious kept trying to tell me it was time to get up because I had a lot of nothing to do, but instead I just dreamed of waking up. The first time was during the lovely thunderstorm (which really happened) and I "woke up" to Kimberly and Melissa at my apartment making muffins. I got up to go take my contacts out, and when I returned, Kimberly had rearranged my entire apartment. Wrong, of course. Then I was at my parents' house, where Mom, Dad, Tiffany, and Jeremy had just gotten home from a concert in Spanish Fork. Sort of. It actually got rained out, so they came home with a funny-looking octopus instead, and kept it in a giant cardboard box in the living room to scare people with. Two people from my ward were guarding it. I went back down to my room again to "wake up," and when I came out it was the 1920s. I soon figured out that I swapped time periods every time I opened my door, and each time period came with a young suitor who wanted my attention. I didn't like the 1920s guy—he was creepy—but I liked the modern guy, so I tried to stay in that time zone as much as possible. I "woke up" again, and Dad was barbecuing octopus for our date. Then I went bike riding through Ben Affleck's backyard (which was in Salem), and when I got home, everyone was being attacked by tiny ocean-dwelling creatures. They looked like fat, pink caterpillars, but they had long, retractable claws and they could jump out of their skin to attack you. I hid in the bathroom and locked Shannan out, and then, FINALLY, I woke up for reals. The entire dream I kept asking people if I was really awake, and everybody just looked at me like I was crazy.

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