Friday, May 31, 2013

Mad Friday, defined

Mad Friday, noun. An condition that occurs when a person (usually an adult) wakes up extra groggy on Friday morning and goes throughout the day in a spectacularly bad mood and a non-caring attitude about all responsibilities. Mad Fridays are usually caused by an inordinately long week, prolonged bitterness after a long weekend or vacation ends, or intense boredom. Mad Fridays can be dangerous, as they often cause the victim to be uncharacteristically violent or mean. The only known cure to a Mad Friday is a nap.

Examples of Mad Friday
  • She suffers from Mad Fridays almost weekly.
  • Many poor, unsuspecting individuals have been blasted by her lethal glare that only appears on Mad Fridays.
  • Her mom always said, "If you let Mad Friday get to you, eventually your face will freeze like that."
Origin of Mad Friday

The origin of Mad Friday is unclear, but it is generally agreed upon that the term arose in the early 21st century after an American millennial (name unknown) was rudely awakened by an obnoxious beeping noise.

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Synonyms: talk to the hand, cantankerous, uber ornery
Antonyms: Happy Friday, optimistic, awake