Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dream diary

Something strange happened to me over Conference Weekend. I had not been sleeping like, at all, for about two months, and then I slept over at my parents' house for two days. I slept in an ancient half of a bunk bed and to my surprise, my sleeping problem was miraculously cured (minus the horrible night I spent in the motel on the rock-hard bed in Monticello). I have been sleeping fabulously ever since (minus the usual 1–2 hours it takes to fall asleep), which means I start every day with a fresh load of new dreams.

I thought I would share a few of them so you guys can try to figure out what's wrong with me.

The recurring high school dream. My high school dreams are getting so repetitive. In every one I've had recently, I can never find my choir music, I'm freaking out because I forgot to read Asher Lev and I know Mrs. Earl will fail me if she finds out (which is weird, because we read The Chosen in her class, not Asher Lev), and I can never remember where my math book—or my math classroom—is. I wish I could resolve whatever issues I have with high school so I could move on and start dreaming about college.

Camping in the cave. Me, some co-workers, and some movie stars are part of this big expedition to explore this cave. Conveniently, the cave is stocked with beds, restaurants, bathrooms, and is only accessible by car. One day the "officials" tell us we're going to do an earthquake drill, which means getting in a bus and driving off a cliff. I was the only one to survive the drill.

The concert. Because I am an awesome older sister, I invited Shannan to come to a concert with me. In order to get in, we had to have Harry Potter wands. I bought one for each of us. Mine was Snape's and it was really crooked. I spent like five minutes trying to figure out how I would aim with a crooked wand—which angle of the stick would I point at the person I was trying to curse? Shannan's wand belonged to the "Darker Snape," which was really ominous. There was scary music in the background when we read the name. Shannan started out like 9 years old, and by the end she was a baby.

Singles ward job interview. I was checking out this singles ward in Provo and found many old friends in the ward. Sunday School turned into this mass job interview thing, and I had to do my interview while Jaxson was squirming around on my lap, because for some reason I couldn't get to the interview without Tiffany, and she of course had to bring the boys with her.

Talking nephews. I've had several dreams where Jaxson and Bronx are talking to me. I think I miss those guys.

The vague one that happened at Grandpa Jackson's house. It involved detectives, a wedding on the lawn, and a really difficult escape plan down Grandpa Jackson's long driveway.

The Great San Francisco Balloon Drop and Earthquake. I'm on the Golden Gate Bridge with an old roommate (Danielle). Only the bridge is a bus-shaped hot air balloon that is kept afloat by flying trapeze artists. Then some mean guy cut all the trapeze guys down and the balloon went crashing to the water. It was really hard to get out of the tiny bus windows (have you ever tried to do that?) so not everyone survived. I'm pretty sure my roommate didn't, because she wasn't in the rest of the dream. Those of us who made it ashore were freezing so we were all fighting over the non-shady spots, which was difficult because the shore was overshadowed by the world's largest roller coaster. Then an earthquake hit and the ground kept cracking and swallowing people up. The only way to avoid being swallowed up was to hold on to a helium balloon, which were powerful enough to keep you afloat. I ended up in this room that looked like the cave thing in Aladdin because it had so many cool artifacts, and me, an old friend (Ryne Steinacker), and Professor Lockhart were fighting over all the balloons and leading a bunch of random strangers out of danger.

Any psychological analyses would be appreciated.

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