Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gratefuls: Nov 1–7

A lot of people are doing a daily grateful thing for the month of November. Work is really slow this week, so I thought I'd fill in the time gaps thinking about some of the things I'm grateful for.

Nov 1: Halloween is over!

Nov 2: After almost dying of the stomach flu, I have my appetite back. For dinner I had a small salad, a rather large scone, French fries, 4 chicken fingers, and a large chocolate milkshake. It was a delightful, extremely fattening meal to say the least.

Nov 3: My dad. He turned old again: 50. And, as a random side note, he'll be double my age for the next 10 months.

Nov 4: Going to church after missing two weeks in a row. Just like I never really appreciated my healthy body until it raged an awful war inside me, I never really noticed the light that regular church-going brings into my life until I had to do without it for two weeks. Believe me, I felt the loss.

Nov 5: I cooked a real meal for the first time in three weeks, and it turned out quite successfully.

Nov 6: In hopes of avoiding long lines, I stepped out of the office at 10:30 to go vote. I only had to wait about five minutes. Score! And, I finally had the energy and the strength to enjoy a lovely Autumn walk.

Nov 7: I can run up and down stairs again without crashing. Well, no more than normal, that is.


  1. Also - you can't paste images in a comment here, but your update made me think of this lovely one...that I hope you can see from the link.

    Enjoy being not dead!

    1. I'm glad life is getting back to normal for you again. It was scary there for a while.