Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday afternoons

Today as I drove home from church with my window rolled down, I saw families of a variety of different faiths and attire walking home from church. I saw teenagers and young adults talking to friends and significant others. I saw an old motorcycle gang riding leisurely through the streets of Cottonwood Heights.

When I got home, I immediately changed into my comfy clothes. I put some meat in the crock pot. I ate a chicken salad sandwich (or, as I prefer to call it, a "chicken fish" sandwich) and some grape tomatoes. Then I happily sunk into my Sunday-nap coma, the delicious smells of dinner slowly permeating my dreams. Upon waking, I saw that the sun was still shining and I had an entire glorious afternoon ahead of me, one that I could fill with whatever I wanted. To top it all off, I had a real meal (and possibly some chocolate cookies) and a perfect fall evening preparing to greet me, and thoughts of Monday morning haven't crossed my mind yet.

If only every day could be Sunday afternoon.


  1. Somehow - this post just seems like exactly what your blog background is. I <3 you.

  2. P.s. - I don't know why I am going through it all over again to fight with, but it's getting super difficult to put in those character things for the comment. I don't know if they are making them harder or if I am getting stupider - but it takes 2-3 times before I can get the combination read correctly to allow a comment to be left. Just thought you should know. I don't know if you can set it to have a simpler non-robot thing or not, but I think this is why I comment more rarely now.

    (Edit: I think this is actually 4th round with this comment, so I hope it even gets there...)

  3. I've been having that problem too! I've kind of stopped commenting on certain blogs because Google just thinks I'm a robot every time. I'm hoping Google fixes the problem, because it's super annoying.

  4. You can fix comment moderation! Just go to your blogger page, then "Settings", then "Posts and Comments", then click "no" on "Show Word Verifications." It's super easy. I did it on my other (non private) blog and I haven't had any problems.