Thursday, December 1, 2011

The top 10 Christmas songs of all time according to . . . me

Basically, Christmas songs are awesome. Especially the 10 I've listed here.

10. "Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town," by the Chipmunks. You probably weren't expecting the Chipmunks to make this list, but let me explain. These little dudes were an important part of my childhood. We watched The Chipmunk Adventure on a regular basis, and every year we would torture my dad as we listened to the Chipmunk Christmas songs over and over again. I distinctly remember listening to this particular song one year on Christmas Eve and almost exploding with excitement and impatience as I envisioned Santa making his rounds on the snow-covered streets of West Mountain. Childlike excitement is one of the best things about Christmas, and the Chipmunks capture some of that magic.

9. "White Christmas," by Bing Crosby. Christmas just wouldn't be the same without Bing Crosby.

8. "Grown-up Christmas List," by Michael Buble. This song tends to be overplayed on the radio, but Michael Buble's version is my favorite. His warm, sultry voice is perfect for Christmas music.

7. "The Christmas Shoes," by NewSong. For some reason, I like songs that make me cry. Especially if they share a good message.

6. "Mary, Did You Know?" arr. by Mac Huff. This was the first song we started to learn back when I was in Trouveres at PHS, and it was the song that made Mr. D. cry when we, the group he spent two years training before he retired, sang it to him. It was also the first song the Carter girls sang together and which basically was the springboard for our a capella singing habits. I associate a lot of good memories with the choral version of this song, and it carries such a beautiful message. (If you've only heard the radio versions, though, just know that they don't do the song justice at all.)

5. "Were You There?" by a massive choir of priesthood holders. Every year my home ward does a Christmas program the sacrament meeting before Christmas, and everyone gets a chance to participate. By far the best part though is when every male over the age of 12 fills the entire area behind the pulpit and sings this song with vigor and power. It is probably the best three minutes of my entire year.

4. "Infant Holy, Infant Lowly," by Vocal Point. Vocal Point takes its role as a singing band of entertainers/missionaries very seriously, and this song is pure testimony. (If you haven't heard them sing it, be sure to tune in to the Sing-Off next Monday at 7:00 on channel 5 . . .) I can't think of a better song that reminds us of what Christmas is supposed to be about.

3. "Let There Be Peace on Earth," by Vince Gill. Listening to Vince Gill's Christmas CD always brings back precious memories of my childhood. We listened to it all the time when I was growing up, until it mysteriously disappeared or exploded or something. About 8-10 years later, the first year I lived away from home during Christmas time, I found the CD on Amazon for 3 cents. Best investment I ever made. I cannot listen to this song without remembering Christmases passed, and it is one of my favorite sings to sing to when I'm all alone in my car.

2. "Where Are You, Christmas?" by Faith Hill. I'm not a big fan of the original Grinch movie, and most especially not the Jim Carrey version, but I absolutely love this song. During the two months I listen to it on my iPod it rapidly rises in play counts, and it usually isn't bumped off my "Top 25 Most Played" playlist until September. One of the hardest things about growing up is losing your childhood. I remember the tugs at my heartstrings I felt when I hit Jr. high and it seemed that the magic of Christmas had disappeared forever. However, I eventually found the magic again, and pacing my bedroom early Christmas mornings while I impatiently wait out the "no earlier than 6 a.m. rule" my parents insist on imposing year after year is still a tradition I hold on to, even though I should have outgrown that years ago.

1. "O Holy Night," by Josh Groban. Oh, Josh. If you only knew the effect you had on me when you sing this song. It's somewhat dangerous to listen to this song while I'm driving because I get locked in a sort of paradise-like trance as Josh Groban's gorgeous voice fills every fiber of my being. Such a beautiful song, finally done justice by a man with a beautiful, beautiful voice.


  1. Good choices! Yeah, and for the record, the Vince Gill CD (or was it still a cassette back then?) fell out of the car and then got run over. It was a sad day.

  2. That's how it met its demise? Sad day indeed.