Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I spend a good portion of my day reading. And for once, I'm not talking about books that come in physical form, divided into chapters. I'm talking about blogs and news content that has to do with healthcare, technology, and business.

Every now and then I will come across a true gem in my reading. And by "gem," I mean writing that doesn't expound upon political and life-altering subjects. I like to be informed about the world, but the little nuggets of "nothingness" are the things that break through my glazed stare at the computer screen and maybe even cause my facial expression to change.

I've made it a habit to read reader comments to help me broaden my horizon, and without fail, there is always that person who says, "Wow. I can't believe you're talking about having to wait a whole week for your iPad 2 when people in Japan are dying."

While those naysayers do have a point, I beg to differ. Yes, compared to what Japan is facing right now, most of the stuff we Americans care about don't really matter. Even without world crises surrounding us, we all have to experience the sensation of dying, and we won't be able to take our trivialties with us.

So, yes, I do realize that unimportant things can distort our perspective on what is really important, but those little nothings sure make life a heck of a lot more entertaining.

One of the reasons I started this blog was because I wanted to express my thoughts about the little trivialties of life--things like rocks, clouds, and purses. Why do I even bother thinking about such things? I shall tell you.

Ahem. Here comes an inspiring revelation:

It is the small things in life, the trivial nothings, that make life complete.

Brilliant, I know.

The past few weeks I have been absorbed in making my job my own and making plans to move out. The past few weeks have been very one-sided. I got a lot done and expounded upon my responsibilities, but I missed out on the small things that I used to take note of without thinking. I found myself trying to decide what my next blog entry should be, and I came up with nothing. Which, ironically, got me thinking about a blog entry about "nothingness."

So this weekend I tried to reevaluate things a little and focus more on less important things. And you know what? The past few days have been a lot more . . . complete.

We have all had that lesson in Sunday school or YM/YW with the jar, the rocks, and the water (or sand). We've heard our leaders tell us that we have to put the big rocks in the jar before the pebbles or else the big rocks won't be able to fit. Those leaders knew what they were talking about. The big rocks should go in first. But don't forget to fill in the little air pockets with water. It's the finishing touch that adds flavor to everything else.

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