Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Temptation and Harry Potter

I feel that I have done a good job with my summer reading. Of all my summer goals, reading lots of books is usually the easiest one to accomplish. It's the finding new books that is the hard part. I have a tendency to reread books that I like. Especially Harry Potter. Since I broke out of school in April, I have read 18 books, only 6 of which were rereads. That's pretty good for me. However, always lurking at the back of my mind was those Harry Potter books that I so love and haven't picked up since last June . . .

And then the temptation became even greater when I got 7 new, beautiful, hardback Harry Potter books for my graduation present—all my very own. They even came in their own Harry Potter trunk. I put them in my closet, away from easy access but right in my line of vision from my bed. Every night, I would gaze longingly at those books, wanting to read them, to smell their pages, to stretch out their new bindings.

The temptation was easier to resist when I had a long line of books to read. But, I finished the first portion of the Runelords series, I read all the books that Shannan read in her English class (most of them, anyway), and I finally got my hands on Mockingjay. For the first time in a couple of months, I am not sure where to go for entertainment next. And those Harry Potter books are beckoning to me, and everyone in my family is lost in the Harry Potter world. (I'm pretty much always lost in that world, actually.)

However, I think finishing Mockingjay tipped the scales for me. I need to read something warm and fuzzy.

So this morning, feeling like I was invading sacred territory, I reached up into my closet, opened the Harry Potter trunk, and pulled out the first book. I was almost afraid to start reading it because it is in such good shape. And there is that part of me—the part that tells me not to eat the chocolate chips—that keeps nagging me.

However, my evil side wins (as it usually does) and I dash upstairs, carefully take off the dust jacket, and begin reading. Who cares if I haven't forgotten a whole lot yet—I haven't read a Harry Potter book for 15 months and it's high time that I truly immerse myself in the world of magic. And it'll still be a magical experience because I have been anticipating it for so long.

Be prepared for a lot more talk of Harry Potter in the immediate future. Right now, however, I am going to find out what is bugging Mr. Dursley so much.


  1. You finished Mockingjay ALREADY! Geez! I still haven't finished FABLEHAVEN. I know. How about you come teach my third graders and I'll stay home and read my books. Or finish your birthday present.

  2. Do you ever feel like reading the Twilight books again? I just finished listening to "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner." (It was okay - the girl who reads it was a little boring, so I might have liked it more if I had just READ it... but still. You might as well give it a shot if you want something quick to read).
    Now I miss reading about Jacob and Edward and Bella. I know Stephanie Meyer isn't the best author in the world, but I'm tempted to read the books again. Even though I re-read them back in April or so...
    Sigh. We are silly girls.

  3. You need to hurry and read Mockingjay so I can talk to someone about it. I've been talking to Shannan a lot about it, but she hasn't actually read it. She just knows what me and Jessica Purdy have told her.

    I almost got through the Bree Tanner book while I was still working at my boring job. How does it end? And I don't think I'll be reading Twilight for a while. The last book kind of ruined things for me. And, it's really hard to be an English major at BYU and be caught reading Twilight. It's probably the quickest way to get kicked out of the major. :) But I didn't have any trouble with that once I had read them a few times and got sick of them.

  4. How does it end? Well, she goes to the fight only because she is looking for Diego, whom she doesn't find. Everyone dies except for her. She never finds out about the wherewolves because never actually gets a look at them. The Volturi comes and she "thinks" everything she knows about them (the whole fight was a set up by them - sort of) to Edward, and then Edward tells her to close her eyes and it's over.

    I agree. The last book is a little disappointing. Maybe I'll just read Eclipse. In secret, of course.
    Or, I suppose I could just read Harry Potter.

    After I read Mockingjay. I'll read Mockingjay as soon as I'm finished with Fablehaven - maybe next week.
    Jeremy is finished with it, though. You could talk to him about it!