Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dream Diary: Part 9

Comically bad writing
Kimberly and I went to an intense dance retreat in Ogden for a few days, and when it was over, Kimberly had had enough of girlish stuff and wanted to play football. She had to get permission from the city to organize a team that just played in our backyard, and they sent their denial via a horribly written newsletter. Their reasons for not allowing this team were something like "Your dad is to tired" and "Your sweet sister Angie will just be tuxting all day." The grammar mistakes were even worse than the "Bunko prizes will be awarded" family newsletter of 2006, so I am 99% certain my dream laughter manifested in real-life 4:00 a.m. sniggers.

A unique class schedule
Occasionally my school dreams will take a different tactic and give me a course schedule full of fascinating (but mostly impractical) classes. Some examples:
  • Renaissance cooking
  • Jousting
  • A class that met in Spain every other Friday
  • Archeology (aka, digging a hole to China)
I think the underlying theme here is that I need to travel more.

A new recurring nightmare
Someone make sure I watch all my favorite Christmas movies this year, because I've had at least two dreams recently that Christmas was over and I was devastated because I hadn't watched Home Alone or While You Were Sleeping yet.

Alien takeover
The night I finished The Rithmatist, I dreamed that I was the protagonist in a future society that's crumbling, aided by aliens taking over people's bodies. The alien leader tricked a bunch of regular humans into congregating at this huge building (I think it was at BYU), and I figured out in the nick of time that he wanted take over all of us at the same time. I wish I could say the dream had a happy ending, but most of the people were changed to aliens (or maybe I should just call them zombies) and the few of us who escaped sprinted to our cars for safety, lamenting the fact that we had lived to see such a dark day.

A trip to see Harry Potter. That's in London.
I was so tempted to buy tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and plan an entire HP-related trip in the UK. So tempted. Then I dreamed that I took that trip. It included many of the things that exist in the London of my imagination: walks in the rain, lots of green stuff, gatherings in charming pubs, and of course the anticipation of seeing the play. Please, please let this happen.

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