Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What the fandom wants, the fandom gets

Throughout earth's history of human habitation, it's the loudest voices who tend to shape its course. That has interesting consequences in the 21st century, particularly in light of fandom cultures that are like gluttonous monsters continuously fed by paparazzi and internet-theory side dishes.

Netflix is among the latest vying for the knight in shining armor position among fans. It houses most of the TV shows we missed out on but were mildly curious about. It allows for effortless binge-watching. It's responsible for letting us relive our childhoods via a Full House reboot.

Most importantly, it's made one of my biggest fandom dreams come true: Gilmore Girls is coming back! For most GG fans, the reboot isn't about reliving the glory days; it's about getting closure on something that wasn't wrapped up in a satisfying way. Fans have been loudly lamenting that lack of closure for eight years, and finally, the stars have aligned to make that happen.

Sure, this world has got problems, but it's a beautiful place when it makes your frivolous fantasies come true.

Now that I can check that item off the list, I just need a few more things:

  • The Harry Potter encyclopedia (no, Pottermore isn't enough)
  • Another Harry Potter book (or 12)
  • A Harry Potter TV series (come on, let's make this happen)
  • A Brandon Sanderson cosmere movie (I'll even let you pick which book to do!)
  • A live-action version of all my favorite animated classics (done right, the way Cinderella was)
  • For Once Upon a Time to get good again
  • For Jimmer Fredette and Tyler Haws to do extremely well in their respective careers and somehow end up playing for the Utah Jazz together, preferably coached by John Stockton and Karl Malone
  • For BYU to win all the championships

Oh, and one more thing:
  • A Gilbert Blythe for me to marry

What the fandom wants, the fandom gets.


  1. I totally thought of you when they announced that because of your post from before :)

  2. Aw man, the Jimmer one just became a whole lot less likely.