Saturday, June 20, 2015

Photo challenge: Feet, mountains, and other colorful things

Taking pictures for the sake of taking pictures has changed the way I see the world. I see beauty in everything: cloud formations, imperfect flower petals, rocks littering the path in front of me. Seeing the world through a photographer's eye can easily take you down the dangerous path of distracted living, but when you find the right balance it's hard to not marvel at everything around you.

Day 5: In your closet. I didn't used to have this many pairs of shoes.

Day 6: Sunset. Thou shalt take all thy walks as the sun sets.

Day 7: Feet. I think we all agree that baby feet are the best. Surprisingly hard to photograph, though.

Day 8: Panorama. The mountains surrounding Elk Ridge are also the best.

Day 9: Food. The only thing better than a lovely dinner is a lovely dessert to round off the evening.

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