Tuesday, March 10, 2015

That sleep thing again

There are good reasons to miss out on sleep, and there are bad reasons.

Bad reason:
You're at a dinner group, and because a couple of people don't show up with their food assignments, the meal is sorely lacking. But you know there's dessert—a beautiful-looking chocolate bunt cake, topped with fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and ice cream. Someone calls it the "Diet Coke Cake," so a red flag goes off in the back of your mind: danger—possible caffeine consumption detected. Take precautionary  measures. But you silence the warning because—chocolate.

Hours later, you're so wired your eyes don't even want to close. You're so wired the thought of an all-nighter sounds like great fun—until you finally crash at 3:00 a.m.

Bad reason:
You're grinding your teeth away in your sleep, so your dentist finally succeeds in scaring you into wearing a mouth guard at night. Things could be worse, but that lump of plastic takes time to get used to.

Good reason:
You stay up late to bask in two hours of pure BYU basketball entertainment, culminating in 6 first-half Chase Fischer 3's and Kyle Collinsworth's 6th triple-double of the season. (It took some guy named Shaq three years to get that many triple-doubles in college.) Sleep is elusive when you're having this much fun riding the tourney train.


  1. And then there's the whole daylight savings thing on top of it all... 😴

  2. Chocolate is usually a good reason to silence most warnings.

    Dude - why am I missing all the BYU basketball?

  3. They'll most likely be competing in the NCAA Tournament, so you'll have at least one chance to catch them next week...