Monday, January 12, 2015

The superpower of newborns

From the moment I predicted Kimberly would have a girl, I've been eagerly waiting my niece's arrival. Of course.

But I had this nagging worry. How could this little girl possibly compare to Jaxson and Bronx? They have surpassed all of my nephew expectations (and believe me—those expectations were high). No other kid has given me reason to doubt that the best nephews ever created, in fact, belong to me.

They're the ones who made me an aunt. A special experience that only happens once, one that I had to wait a long time for (oh the woes of being one of the oldest in your family).

This worry had nothing to do with the different type of awesomeness of the parents-to-be; it had everything to do with the fact that I didn't think there was enough room in my heart for more of that kind of love.

When those "We've got a baby!" texts started rolling in, that silly worry started slipping away. Just knowing there was a brand-new human being in existence to bless my family was enough to make my heart grow.

By the time I finally met my niece—who is every bit as beautiful as her name, Avonlea Kathryn—I knew I would have no trouble letting her steal my heart. It's a superpower all newborns are born with: the ability to enchant you with their tiny fingers and unpredictable facial expressions and overall preciousness. But because I get to watch this girl grow up, she's more than just another cute newborn; she's a blessing with limitless potential.

I've loved being a daughter and a sister, but at the moment, I'm most grateful to be an aunt.

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  1. Aw - this made me smile. You should post cute pictures.