Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dream diary: Part 5

A spur-of-the-moment trip to Ogden
On a random Thursday night, Tiffany and I decided to spend the night at our aunt's house in Ogden. Without telling her. Her family didn't mind, although there was no room to sleep inside so we slept in someone's truck. And the next day I had to shower in a public bathroom. I knew I was going to be late for work that day, so I kept trying to text my boss to tell her that, but something always prevented me from finishing that stupid text: I was too slow, a plane crashed near the house and we had to dodge the flying debris, my aunt's entire family swarmed in to prepare for a surprise birthday party (no idea whose). Ignoring the new hole in the roof, we started preparing for the party as if it were a celebrity event; stylists were even brought in to make us pretty. My stylist turned out to be my boss, so I didn't have to worry about texting her (that was by far the most stressful part of the dream). She gave me Shirley Temple curls, and I was not happy about how young it made me look, especially when an attractive guy showed up at the party. We were about to leave when Tiffany ran into an old friend, and they started planning a trip to Europe, starting at the Washington, D.C. Temple. Because it's so close, obviously.

The toddler-sized Wizard of Oz
There's something wicked brewing in the world, and Emma, Captain Hook, and Prince Charming (from Once Upon a Time) have taken it upon themselves to stop it. Of course. Someone discovers that the evil mastermind behind it all has set up shop in a windowless room on a . . . bus, I think. But a really cool one. Our heroes make it to the room, which is shielded from view by a green curtain. Emma pushes the curtain aside, expecting to see the Wizard of Oz/former boyfriend/flying monkey, but instead finds my two-year-old (at the time) nephew Jaxson sitting on a bar stool in front of a bunch of computer monitors, his legs swinging in the air as he types stuff on keyboards. This affirmed my belief that this kid is a genius, so I immediately set out to recruit Bronx—Jaxson's twin brother—to be part of the evil mastermind team. I found him happily playing with stuffed animals in Shannan's room.

A set of unlikely events
My ward had a pool party in my parents' living room, and my dad ran for mayor of Elk Ridge.

Harry Potter and the Muggle duel
It was one of those dreams where I was convinced I was awake, because, in my dream, my alarm went off and I started getting ready for the day. I noticed that a lot of things seemed to be out of place, and my bathroom was a complete mess. I had just about decided that I must have been sleep walking when I saw that my front door was slightly ajar. I went over to shut and lock it, just as these two guys tried to break into my apartment. They were stronger than me, so they busted the door open anyway. So I grabbed one of my wands (I really wish I knew which character's wand it was) and Crucio'd them on the spot. (Hey, you break into my apartment, you suffer the consequences.) Then I Imperiused them so they would leave and never come back. (The fact that this worked should have clued me in that I was dreaming, but I was still certain I was awake.) Then I started cleaning up my bathroom—there were a bunch of swimming suits hanging up to dry—when my bishop came over and reminded me that we were running 1.15 miles after my tithing settlement. On my way out, he asked my sister (Shannan) if she wanted some celery. Then, finally, my alarm went off for real, and I was no longer confused.

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