Thursday, July 31, 2014

Song of the Week: The Mysterious Ticking Noise

The Mysterious Ticking Noise, by the Potter Puppet Pals

What the song's about: Nothing.

Why I picked it: I had another post ready for today, but then it hit me that today is Harry Potter's birthday, and I simply can't let it go by without honoring it in some way. Those of you who didn't see the other post during the hour and a half it was up are just going to have to wait, because duty to Harry Potter fandom calls.

If you only watch one Potter Puppet Pals video, make it this one. (Although I would recommend watching "The Elder Swear," too. And the one where Snape says "500 thousand points from Gryffindor." And the one where Ron says, "What's a bosom, Harry?" and Harry says, "Oh look, another page." You know what? Just watch them all. It's a holiday.)

Best line: Dumbledore!

Mood trigger: While this song is especially conducive to late-night giggling fests, there's a good chance it will make you snicker when you're having a bad day, too.

Random observation: One day while Kimberly was making some toast, she started singing, "Toast. Toast. Cinnamon toast." Now, we Carters often make up our own lyrics to beloved songs, but we rarely get as far as we did with our Potter Pals remake. After a half-hour of brilliant (and loud) brainstorming, we came up with the following:

Severus Snape: Cinnamon toast.

Ron Weasley: Strawberry (as in, jam—it goes like this: "Straw, straw, strawBERRY." I admit it doesn't work as well as the others).

Dumbledore: Marmalade!

Hermione: Baloney (gross, I know, but there's something highly comical about Hermione crooning the word "baloney" over and over again).

Harry Potter: Peanut butter.

Voldemort: Moldy bread.

We even made up a version with our own names. You should try it some time.


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