Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July grumblings

July is full of quintessential summer things: fireworks, barbecues, swimming pools, sunshine. It paints such a lovely picture regardless of what time of year it is, especially when your head is stuffed with memories of spitting watermelon seeds off the deck and playing softball as the sun sets.

The summerness of July is almost great enough to make me forget the worst part—the oppressive heat. After experiencing Florida's murderous heat/humidity combo, I will be forever grateful that Utah exudes heat in the dry variety.

But that's not enough to waylay the grouchiness that comes every time temperatures are above the 90s for more than a couple of days. I wish I could just not let it get to me, but the heat is like a dementor that feeds off of my energy. It's an enemy I simply cannot beat. Especially when my A/C isn't powerful enough to combat the inferno as well as I'd like, which means I'm averaging about 4.5 hours of sleep a night now. And it's not restful sleep.

Hence the grouchiness.

I guess I've no choice but to grump my way through the next month. Hopefully no one notices the bags under my eyes and my shortened tolerance for, hmm, anything. Except for watching guilty-pleasure TV shows in the dark for hours. And eating Denali Extreme Moose Tracks ice cream. Obviously.


  1. You should come home and sleep in your old freezing cold bedroom. You know how Dad refuses to suffer and so do I. :-)

  2. Or come to our house. We seem to be above the heat, and even when it's 90 degrees, it feels like 80. And we have copious amounts of shade. ;)

  3. I never thought I would long for my 100-year-old bunk bed at home, but I sure miss it this week. It's almost cold enough in my room to need TWO blankets. Heaven.

    Woodland Hills is probably the best place to live in Utah during the summer. You should keep a guest room for me. :)

  4. We're in the 100s every day. With humidity. I find it difficult to be sympathetic.