Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A list post, just because

  • I've not had much desire to write anything non-journal-related since graduation. But I can still manage a list post, at least.
  • Besides, work is horribly slow right now and I've exhausted all my other methods of pretending to be busy. I wish the insanity of July–September would just get here already.
  • I'm also listening to music, something I don't usually do at work because it's distracting. Currently, "Shape of My Heart" by the Backstreet Boys is playing, which keeps making me think about a certain roommate party.
  • I got 9 O.W.L.s this year, one of which I got an Outstanding on. Yay me.
  • Since Harry Potter World was seriously lacking in Ravenclaw paraphernalia, I bought a Ravenclaw t-shirt online when we got home. I'm wearing it on Friday and I'm very excited.
  • Yesterday I made stuffed peppers for dinner. They were pretty tasty, but I had to eat a large bowl of ice cream afterward to make up for the fact that my dinner consisted almost solely of vegetables and I felt deprived.
  • I watched the Girl Meets World pilot the other day. I get that the show is targeted to a generation that can't fathom a world without internet and cell phones with cameras on them, but I still wish they would have just rebooted Boy Meets World instead of making a sequel show.
  • I always forget how expensive oil changes at Jiffy Lube are. Yes, they treat you like a queen and they clean your car for you, but chivalry doesn't count when they overcharge you $30 for it.
  • The window on the driver's side of my car is the only one that rolls down now, thus depriving me of one of my favorite things about summer—evening drives with all four windows rolled down.

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