Monday, February 10, 2014

To my crazy self

Dear 2012 me,

Congratulations. You've found a solution to your I'm-feeling-stuck-and-need-a-new-purpose-in-life problem: go back to school! You're looking forward to starting school in the fall with the kids, and I completely understand the nerdy thrill you get when your first book list becomes available.

But I think you need to think this through a little more. All that free time you have after work? Not such a bad thing. Having that kind of freedom after 5:00 p.m. every day is a luxury you worked your tail off during college for; why would you give that up?

I know, I know, you like school. Especially in your current state of boredom, school sounds like more of a luxury than coming home to emptiness every evening does. Plus, it'll be a satisfying hobby that will make you a more impressive person.

I get it. Dude, I get it.

But keep one thing in mind for me, will you? School always turns into purgatory before the end. Always. And this time, since you volunteered for this entirely on your own and were in no way forced or guilted into doing this, the joke will be on you. 


2014 me


  1. Aish - this is so how I feel about life :p PS - miss you. And as ever, really enjoy stalking you.

  2. Um, that sounded strange - but I think you know what I mean. I should never post when it's late and I'm tired from too many hours of grading :p

  3. And you've got much farther to go than I do--you have my sympathies.