Monday, January 6, 2014

New year tidbits

We're in the thick of reality now. Five full work days this week. Five full school days, as well. Sigh.

I spent several hours last week rearranging my apartment. I didn't sleep well Saturday night because my room felt weird.

Yesterday, my ward doubled in size. The reason? Switching from 9:00 church to 1:00 church.

I'm thinking of chronicling my "be" resolution on this blog this year as an added incentive to actually do it. Still debating about that.

Speaking of goals, I finished re-compiling my first journal book (birth through middle school) last night. As I was formatting the index, I stopped to look up all the goals I had set. Here are some of my favorites:
  • Only be an idiot if everyone's in the right mood
  • Don't be so slow at card games
  • Don't put my knees up at the table for a week
  • *Be nice to Kimberly
  • Run faster than Kimberly
  • Have a good reputation
  • Get very hyper each morning, so I shall be able to make wonderful friends
  • Get the proper amount of sleep w/out napping
In 2001, I also set some long-term goals, like these:
  • Receive my Young Woman of Recognition award. Check.
  • Learn to play sax and piccolo. Check on the second one.
  • Be in trevairs (Trouveres). Check.
  • Have 3 different jobs. I met this requirement before I even graduated from high school. When I made the goal, though, having a job was like the scariest thing ever, so planning to have three different jobs in my lifetime probably felt like an ambitious goal at the time.
  • Graduate from BYU or UVSC. Check.
  • Get married in the temple. Not check.
  • Be a mom. Not check.
  • Write a book (and publish). Do my blog books count?
  • Go see all the states (so far I have Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and California). It took me 13 years to add two more to the list: Washington D.C./Virginia and Nevada.
*I also made goals to be nice to Mom, Tiffany, and Tyrel, but believe it or not, I recognized my need to be nicer to Kimberly the most.*

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  1. This year you will be able to add Florida to your list! Yeah!