Monday, January 13, 2014

I'd rather be in Ireland

Today was not a good day. My bread maker and I are warring, I had a bad hair day, I've caught senioritis for the third (and hopefully, final) time, and the January blues are wafting in the air. Not even my playlist designed for days like this could rid the scowl from my face.

So what do you do when you're faced with such overpowering adversity? Close your eyes, and think of [insert warm and sunny place here].

As for me, I'm thinking of Ireland. If I could disapparate, I would think of my destination with proper determination and deliberation, twist, and open my eyes to shades of green Utah can't produce. I'd be standing on a mountainside overlooking a blue lake, breathing in the fresh Irish air where there are no people to share it with. It doesn't matter if the sun is shining or if it is raining hard enough to soak me through in minutes. That is where I want to be right now.

Usually I tell people that my #1 travel destination is New Zealand, because, well, Middle Earth. But Ireland is always at the back of my mind. I've had an unexplainable love for Irish music (minus the bagpipes) since I saw Behind the Waterfall, and when my piano teacher lent me a booklet of Irish songs  when I had played through most of our library at home. P.S., I Love You is one of my favorite movies because it takes place in Ireland, not to mention it has a soundtrack that, again, I can't explain why I love so much. Ireland is also full of green, my favorite color.

But since I can't actually go to Ireland, I'll just close my eyes and drink in the haunting melody and beautiful lyrics of Vocal Point's version of "Danny Boy" over and over again. I love, love, love the third verse that Vocal Point wrote for this song.


  1. Wow! That is my new absolute favorite rendition of Danny Boy. I want to go somewhere warm. Ireland in the summer?

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