Thursday, October 17, 2013

A first time for everything

1. I am sick of reading. I've managed my classes thus far by balancing my schedule with a writing-intensive class and a reading-intensive class, but that didn't work out so well this term. I'm looking forward to a Thanksgiving Break with no books and no daily writing quotas.

2. When you've worn through the duct tape covering the holes in your shoes, it's probably time to replace them. So today I bought a new pair of tennis shoes for 30 bucks--a steal. I'm hoping my new ones last at least six years like my comfy hobo shoes did.

3. I got a flu shot today, but only because everyone else was doing it. It was so not a big deal. I wonder if I would have avoided the Plague last year if I had gotten a flu shot then.


  1. Catching up on your blog today -
    1) Your program sounds really neat. I enjoyed reading your description. I know you explained it to me once, but honestly nothing ever makes sense to me until I see it on paper.
    2) Your sleeping post made me weep for my pillow. This part of the semester is that horrible time when hibernation season and academic hayday arrive at the same time :p
    3) I wish you had been at BYU's game Saturday. It was the greatest moment I have ever seen in my entire life, but I feel like you would have loved it even more.

  2. 1. That's another reason why I prefer email over phone. :)

    2. I've managed to keep my Sundays mostly homework free so far, so I do as much hibernating on Sundays as I can. It makes Mondays, at least, a lot nicer. But I'm usually dead again by Thursday.

    3. I wondered if you were at the game on Saturday. I even kept an eye out for you in the crowd. It was an exciting game. I would have loved to be there.