Saturday, August 10, 2013

Carter Family Quote Board, 2009-2013

Every household should have a quote board. It took my family four years to fill ours up completely, but it has brought us many laughs. Just in case our quote board gets lost somehow, I thought I would preserve the essence of it in a more permanent form. Enjoy!

"You used to knew . . . phtb . . ." --Mom

"I only like to say hello to people when I know they can't hear me." --Angie

"I lost my train . . ." --Shannan

"This movie is rated PG for mild peril. By the way, what's peril?" --Tyrel

"You're sucking a dead dragon?" --Tyrel

"At my house there's nothing entertaining to eat." --Tiffany

"People don't just subconsciously start vibrating." --Kimberly

"I thought you said you were sleepy." --Tyrel
"Me . . ." --Mom

"Darrin made me tell me . . . huh?" --Mom

"I was just talking out loud." --Mom

"Ow, my foot hurts! I mean, my knee!" Kimberly

"I pretty much decided, that what I like most about building stuff . . . is the building part." --Tyrel

"I can't finish my game until it's done!" --Angie

"Machine gun . . . darn it." --Tyrel

"My armpit smells nice." --Kimberly

"Those people have noses!" --Tyrel

"Everyone is James in the end." --Kimberly

"I'm just a good dog." --Shannan

"Keep your butt away from me." --Kimberly

"Where's my liver!?!" --Shannan

"Hey! We don't want anyone breaking in on us while we're gone!" --Dad

"If it were between running around naked and being nice to the cat, we'd have to run around naked." --Bishop Searle

"I'm simpler than you." --Shannan

"I dissed myself with bad grammar." --Shannan

"It's a guy and they're both fat." --Tyrel

"KISS ME!" --Angie

"Listen to your little sister. She is wise." --Dad

"I'm clueless to when I'm unaware of what's going on." --Tiffany

"I'm funny! I love myself." --Tyrel

"All I need to do is double my score and I'll beat you." --Jeremy S.

"Because you left the lie, Jughead!" --Dad

"Well, when life is boring you should definitely film it." --Kimberly

"I'm almost positive I was still pregnant with Mom." --Tyrel

"When I sleep, I twitch and moan and groan, and I wake up and my shirt's gone." --Tyrel

"It even has theoretical trailers!" --Tyrel

"Men are that women might be." --Tyrel

"Well, his Mom's dead, but his isn't." --Shannan

"The throught cost my mind." --Tyrel

"Does anyone want a diagram of the ear--I mean, heart?" --Angie

"Wise man must inspirate." --Tyrel

"Are those tator tots?" --Tyrel (looking at Shannan's croutons)

"It feels good to have a wet butt at the end of a long day." --Tyrel

"You know, old gum tastes kind of like pickles." --Angie

"I thought two-dollar bills were extinct." --Tyrel

"He must have been a 10-year-old super genius when he was 12." --Tyrel

"Why does it say 'Good luck' on your behind?" --Tyrel

"No way." --Jeremy S.

"Hey, now's the best time for a nap . . . I want some chocolate." --Mom

"Oh my goodness, you do have five toes! Where did you get those?" --Mom
"From Santa Claus." --Tenashious

"What about the Carter man? Who has the profound ability to scare people to death with just his face." --Tyrel

"Normally I don't put my head this close to people's butts." --Kimberly

"But if you really hold me tight--I must pee first." --Angie

"It's kind of dumb that this pizza crust comes in a square and it's supposed to be round." --Angie
"Yes, I agree that that is round." --Kimberly


"I don't think Jeremy (B.) should take you home." --Mom
"Well, normally he just takes me to the hospital." --Kimberly

"My daughters the carnivores." --Dad
"And your son the spinosaurus." --Tyrel

"It's Hiroshima."
"Who's she?" --Tyrel

"My sandwich tastes like a hot Italian day in Mexico." --Jeremy B.

"I like your lips. They match your eyes." --Mom

"I'm going to relinquish the compressive powers I have over my containments." --Jeremy B.

"I have a leg hair. It's really long because I haven't shaved in two hours--I mean two days--I mean two weeks!"  --Kimberly

"We'll probably just hang it and screw it up." --Dad

"Whoa, my butt." --Mom

"I'm worried that he might be a drug lord." --Tyrel

"What is your occupancy? I mean, occupation?" --Tyrel

(Talking about Dad) "I want my presence!" --Mom

"I thought it was a purse. I think it was a car though." --Shannan

"Look, we got two loaves of eggs!"
"Marilee gave us two gallons of--oh my gosh!" --Kimberly

"Cool! It's a butt zipper!" --Jeremy B.

"She'd need a ladder or a jet pack or something." --Tyrel (speaking of Kimberly reaching a DVD player on the ceiling)

"Can I have your ticket? I ate mine." --Tyrel

"We wouldn't have to pop as many pills if we had some that were a little stronger." --Dad

"For my birthday, I want a cool copy of the complete works of Jane Austen." --Shannan
"Well, I want disintegration rays and Plasma cannons." --Tyrel

"I've officially decided that family prayer gives me gas." --Shannan

"My hair smells like puke." --Mom

"I don't know who you are, but you're about to have lunch!" --Shannan

"Gas: A creative burst of energy." --Shannan

"If I can get the beam bright enough, I can almost see it." --Tyrel

(Pointing at a tiny lizard) "It's a bug of some kind!" --Angie

"We're going to have lunch before we can eat the movie." --Dad

"I want to die of old age, or in an explosion." --Tyrel

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