Tuesday, June 18, 2013

News flash: Adulthood is boring

I used to have this vision of my life as an adult. Basically, it looked like this:

Freed from the manacles of childhood, every day would be a new adventure. I would work in a snazzy office, solve world hunger on my time off, and tour the world with my six-figure salary. I'd marry a perfect husband, have perfect children, and die when I was 100 after a life of bliss.

But then I started having a lot of days like this:

Because for the most part, adulthood is less about saving children in Africa and more about standing in line at Walmart. Sometimes the most exciting part of my day is getting out of a meeting three minutes early, or vacuuming all the hair out of my carpet.

I could force myself to get excited over every single thing to ensure maximum entertainment throughout my life, but I think I'd rather be bored occasionally than expend an exorbitant amount of energy on smelling roses at Walmart.

Life isn't very exciting sometimes. I'm okay with that.

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