Monday, June 10, 2013

A series of not-so-interesting adventures

June is a third of the way over, and there are no posts under June 2013 in my blog archive.

This makes me sad.

But there's nothing interesting to report, no thoughts that must be examined, no new startling insights on life.

This also makes me sad.

All I've got is a series of not-so-interesting adventures:

  • One summer evening long, long ago, I opened my bedroom window, removed the screen, and climbed outside. With my arms raised in the air, I yelled, "I AM INVINCIBLE!" This is the feeling I get every time summer begins. During those first long, warm days, I am free from doubt, insecurity, responsibility--nothing can stand in the way of my power.
  • Except, of course, adulthood. Adults can't rule summer the way kids can.
  • Last week my good flip flops broke. I have blisters from trying to break in my new ones.
  • This weekend my apartment finally unthawed from winter, which is why I only just now discovered that my AC blows unwanted and extremely unhelpful warm air.
  • Too hot to sleep.
  • Too tired to be nice to people.
  • As of the end of this week, I will officially be halfway done with grad school.
  • Usually I enjoy looking over syllabuses for the first time because I'm a nerd, but today I got no pleasure out of discovering the many things that will keep me inside this summer.
  • It worries me that it's already 96 degrees outside and my apartment managers still haven't gotten back to me about my AC problem.
  • My initials are AC.

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