Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why you shouldn't go to Moab when a car show is going on

Plan A: Pack one day's worth of camping gear plus 7 people into 2 cars. Fail.

Plan B: Pack one day's worth of camping gear plus 7 people into 3 cars. Success.

Plan C: Drive to Moab and find a spot to camp. Uber fail.

Plan D: Drive through 8–10 campsites searching for somewhere—anywhere!—to spend the night. Fail.

Plan E: Give up on the camping idea and look for a hotel. Success.

Plan F: Drive to Monticello and book a room at the first hotel you find. Fail.

Plan G: Hurry to the motel that reportedly has two available rooms and procure them. Success.

Plan H: Eat at an awesome steak restaurant. Fail.

Plan I: Eat at a non-fast-food restaurant. Success.

Plan J: Buy Pop-tarts for tomorrow's breakfast. Success.

Plan K: Head back to motel and play games. Success.

Plan L: Attempt to sleep in beds that are slightly softer than rocky terrain. Uber fail.

Plan M: Leave the motel by 9 a.m. Success.

Plan N: Find a good parking spot at the place where hikers park their cars. Fail.

Plan O: Hike to Delicate Arch. Success.

Plan P: Find sustenance. Success.

Plan Q: Head back home to go to stake leadership meeting. Fail.

Plan R: Change flat tire at the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon. Success.

Plan S: Go to leadership meeting a half hour late. Success.

Plan T: Unpack all the camping stuff we didn't use. Success.

Plan U: Recover from vacation. To be determined.

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