Friday, March 15, 2013

When you lack the energy to dance through life

Some days, it's more tolerable to sit and stare than it is to drudge up the energy to smile as you cross off item after item on your to-do list. Working through burnout has got to be one of the least productive and satisfying activities ever devised.

There's always the hope of a weekend, another non-deceiving sunshiney day, emergency stashes of chocolate, and/or a new book to help combat the stupor of de-motivation, but sometimes a hope isn't enough to help you do what you need to do in the moment. Sometimes there are just one too many days in the week, too many responsibilities clamoring for your attention.

However, I've learned to accept that I can't be awesome 100% of the time. Even being awesome 50% of the time is a high order. This philosophy helps me get back on the track of awesomeness more quickly for one simple reason: it prevents me from taking a hit to my self-esteem. Losing motivation is frustrating enough, but berating yourself for losing your motivation escalates the problem exponentially.

I'm not necessarily giving up on this week, but I am letting it go. Ceasing to try so hard to care is often what allows the caring to come back naturally, which, in my experience, is what brings the awesome back.