Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy "The Worst Is Over" Day!

I think March 1 should be a holiday. Every year I mark it on my calendar with stars, smiley faces, and squiggly lings--the best I can muster with my two-year-old artistic abilities. The only other days that get this much decoration are paid holidays, Harry Potter releases, and days that I've been looking forward to for so long that I had to make a chain to help pass the time.

Today I felt like Mother Nature gave us all a gift. It was like she said, "I'm sorry January and February sucked more than usual this year; let me give you a warm, sunny day as a preview of things to come." Well, Mother Nature, January and February were unusually bad this year, but I suppose I can forgive you--but only because the suckiness wasn't entirely your fault.

My first acknowledged "The Worst Is Over" Day, so far, has gone down like this:
  • Today was a happy Friday, not a mad Friday.
  • I slept in until 7:08.
  • I wore a short-sleeved T-shirt for the first time in who knows how long. And not just any T-shirt--my Jimmer shirt. This pretty much guarantees a good day.
  • It was almost 40 degrees when I drove to work this morning. That's 20 degrees warmer than it's been since . . . November?
  • When I stepped outside at noon I didn't want to cower back inside. I felt the warmth from the sun and my sturdy leather jacket felt a bit out of season.
  • I went to Cafe Rio for lunch with the girls.
  • As we were pulling out of the parking lot stuffed to our ears with Mexican food, I spotted a bee on the driver's side window. The driver jumped into my lap and frantically tried to roll down the window with her boot. I know that bee stings are lethal for a lot of people, but I get some insane pleasure out of watching people's inner girls come out every time a half-inch-long insect comes buzzing innocently by.
  • I've been reminded once again that I have awesome co-workers.
  • I got two really good pieces of news. That shoulder massage I've been wanting for weeks? Yeah, totally don't need it anymore. Not that I would turn down any offers, though.
  • I have an awesome hermit night to look forward to--nothing but laundry, a good book, and my new favorite TV show, Parenthood, waiting for me at home.
  • I also have my first post high school spring break waiting for me just around the corner.
The only downside to this day is that I finished the last of my Cadbury mini eggs yesterday. I must go buy more.


  1. What if Tyrel offered you a shoulder massage?

  2. Um, good question. I would probably let him, though I have a hard time imagining him offering to give me a shoulder massage. However, he used to ask if he could give me a piggy-back ride all the time, so you never know.