Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A perfect, gloomy day

Can you jam "perfect" and "gloomy" into the same sentence without the words contradicting each other? Why yes, yes you can.

I opted to work at home this week while a majority of the marketing/sales staff is in Chicago for our biggest tradeshow of the year, and man was that a smart decision. I've been able to get my rocky sleep schedule back on track, I don't dread the mornings like I have for the past month, and--most importantly--I got my awesome back. I've gotten more done today than I did during the latter half of last week, and I'm still rolling.

The icing on top of this perfect day (aside from the fact that I get to wear my p.j. bottoms) is that I have two windows offering me a splendid view of the slightly-rainy-but-not-freezing-cold, gloomy-but-cozy day outside. Like I said: perfection.

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