Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Run toward the sound of the guns

If you ever get a chance to hear Dan Clark speak, don't pass it up. I've heard him speak twice now and he's been fantastic both times. And I don't even like firesides.

Er, well, the firesides themselves aren't bad, but the Sunday best dress requirement and the awkward mingling afterward are.

Bishop Clark threw out a bunch of catch phrases that will probably be discussed in greater detail on this blog eventually. He began by talking about the beloved catch phrases made famous by general authorities, such as "Stop It," "Good, Better, Best," and "Tender Mercies," and then he offered one of his own: "Run toward the sound of the guns."

Eh? What happened to the warm-fuzzy catch phrases?

We've all heard the story of Joseph and Potipher's wife. We've been taught since we were young to run from temptation. It's a good mantra to live by, except for one thing: you'll never stop running. And when you finally run out of steam, you won't be strong enough to withstand temptation.

Avoiding temptation isn't always enough; sometimes it must be fought.

Soldiers understand this. They leave behind their families, their homes, and their comforts to enter a blisteringly hot desert, strap on 80 pounds of gear, and run toward the sound of the guns. Instinct tells them to run away, but duty propels them forward.

Running toward danger isn't something to be taken lightly, but we can't spend our lives avoiding situations that might compromise us.

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