Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29 things

I get geekily excited about weird dates. Since the new millennium began, I think I've written in my journal on every digit-repeating date (1/1/01, 2/2/02, 3/3/03, etc.) just so I could see the repetitious numbers across the top of my entry. Last year's 11/11/11 was given far more significance than it really deserved.

So it should come as little surprise that I am blogging today, February 29, the special day that we add to our calendars every four years and that made me skip my last Friday-the-13th birthday.

But the thing is, I don't like Leap Day. If it was in any month other than February I wouldn't mind it so much, but I think this month is extra short (even with the added day thrown in every four years) for a reason: it just sucks.

But who knows if I'll ever get to blog on this abnormal day again. The next time this day comes around, I could be retired from blogging, or the internet could have combusted with its overload of useless information, or I could have moved to a country that doesn't allow free thinking.

All of the above are highly unlikely, but, just in case, I'm going to blog something today so that some day I can look back at this entry, see February 29 at the top, and think "Cool," and then move on with my life, glad that I took the time to acknowledge the interesting date while I had the chance.

So here's 29 random things that have crossed my mind on my least favorite day of the year calendar.
  1. February 29 is the last day providers can attest for a 2011 meaningful use payment.
  2. I didn't have to make a lunch today.
  3. Last night I dreamt that I was in a juvenile delinquent camp at my high school and no one would tell me what the rules were. I found out through the grapevine that I had to work in the bindery on Saturdays, but every two weeks I would get four hours "off," which meant that I could invite a friend to come work with me. Lucky friend.
  4. I spent my entire shower trying to come up with a believable lie I could tell my boss so that I could work at home today (a.k.a., go back to bed for two hours).
  5. Then I remembered how boring  it was working at home last week, so I just came to work a little more ornery than usual.
  6. The sun may have shown its face this month, but it's a heck of a lot brighter in March.
  7. I can't believe I left my "My Fair Lady" music at my parents' house again.
  8. I'm hungry. My dad ate my dinner last night.
  9. I was rather shocked to find my phone in my pocket when I was certain that I had left it at home.
  10. I officially made it into the Word Nerd group on LinkedIn.
  11. I slept the entire night without waking up once. So now I'm groggy and a little disoriented because I didn't get my usual hours-long waking-up process.
  12. There is a stain on my BYU hoodie. That's embarrassing.
  13. I'm getting sick of my music collection again, so I'm listening to all my songs in alphabetical order now, which means I'm not allowed to skip any. You should try it some time; it's quite fun. I am currently on "Behold the Wounds in Jesus' Hands" by Jon Schmidt.
  14. I have a strange obsession with pizza.
  15. Here comes the annoying editor radar: "everyday" should be two words unless it's being used adjectivally.
  16. I am wearing a purple shirt today.
  17. Considering all the grumbling I've done today, it's gone by quite quickly.
  18. I need to finish this post because it's distracting me.
  19. It is currently 45 degrees in Midvale.
  20. Sometimes it's really hard to write like a man, and I have no idea if I'm actually doing it right.
  21. I want to banish the phrase "I know, right?" from existence forever. I'm talking balefire here.
  22. I feel like a student again this week: tired and unsure how I'm going to get everything done.
  23. When my nephews smile at me my heart instantly melts.
  24. I removed the BYU mug from my desk two days ago and no one has commented on its lack of presence yet. Weird.
  25. People automatically change the subject to BYU basketball when they think conversation is getting a little too shady for a BYU grad's ears.
  26. 3D printing is cool. And a little bit freaky.
  27. I'm sick of my short hair, but short-hair ponytails are still fun.
  28. If this were a normal February, I could stop this list right here. Actually, if it were a normal February I wouldn't be writing this post at all.
  29. I want to read J.K. Rowling's new book.

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  1. LOL - the meaningful use one made me laugh the most. I am happy somewhere there is someone nerdy in the same way as me.

    Also - I agree. I got up fairly depressed that today was still February.