Saturday, August 6, 2011

Overheard at the Carter/Rushton reunion

"How did you get to be six years old?" —Mom
"I had a birthday." —Brad

"You almost set my butt on fire!" —Wendy

"You can be Robin Hood and Laid Marian." —Mom

"Who wants to play capture the flag?" —Tristen
"I wanna be the flag!" —Brad

"Do you want a Twinkie?" —Rod
"No, it has too much fat in it; I want pure sugar." —Mom

*Dead silence* and then . . . "YOU GUYS SHOULD FEEL MY FACE!" —Random girl I've never met before

"With girls, there's hair everywhere." —Jeremy S.
"Yeah, but boys pee." —Tiffany

"Kill it." —Mom

"Everyone has a talent; you need to find yours." —Dawn

"It's a short, fat, tiny, ugly, scared dog." —Jeremy B.

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