Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's a boys!

So, it looks like the first grandkids in the Carter family are going to be boys, so the name speculation has officially begun. Since I rarely take anything seriously, I've come up with a list of awesome and completely legitimate duo names, although I'll admit that Jeremy has been a bit more creative on that front. Must have something to do with serving a mission in New Orleans.

Anyway, coming up with names for twins is like 27 times more fun than coming up with names for just  one kid. Such as:
  • Jimmer and Jackson. This idea sprouted long before we even knew Tiffany was having twins, so clearly, fate must be telling us something.
  • Jackson and Carter. If Jimmer is a bit too much, Carter would work too--then we could get the mom's and the grandma's maiden names in there. Too bad a cousin already snatched up the Carter idea. Ruined my fun.
  • Or, we could go with Cooper and Jackson, and get the grandma and the great-grandma in there. Too bad Cooper's been taken already too. Sheesh.
  • Fred and George. You knew that one was coming.
  • Voldemort and You-Know-Who. If for some reason I ever have two cats, these will be their names.
  • Chip and Dale.
  • Nephi and Lehi. Or, if you want to start some intense sibling rivalry, go with Laman and Nephi.
  • Alma the Older and Alma the Younger.
  • Frodo and Sam. I just made the connection that Nephi's faithful "sidekick" was named Sam too. Interesting . . .
  • Gimli and Legolas.
  • Gandalf and Dumbledore. I have a hard time imagining either of them as babies, mostly because I can't get rid of the beards.
  • Romulus and Royal.
  • Marco and Polo. You've gotta admit that would be cool.
  • Elijah and Isaiah.
  • Calvin and Hobbes. I hope I have a nephew like Calvin some day. :)
  • Batman and Robin. The thought of naming a baby "Batman" cracks me up.
  • Spock and Kirk. That one's for Shannan.
  • Beethoven and Mozart. We could call them Be and Mo for short.
  • Beavis and Butthead. Sorry, had to throw that one in there.
  • Billy and Joel.
  • Cory and Shawn.
  • Kwan and Steve.
  • Jack and Sawyer. Okay, enough with the t.v. shows.
  • Tom and Huck.
  • Mike and Ike.
  • Melvin and Marvin.
  • Simon and Garfunkle. No idea if I spelled that right.
  • Lamoni and Mahonri.
  • Thing 1 and Thing 2.
I could go on for pages and pages, but I've gotta stop some time. If nothing else, I think I've come up with a pretty good list of Halloween costumes.

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