Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Year in review

Tomorrow marks a year since I started this blog. It's been a pretty fun year for me in the blogosphere. So fun, in fact, that I decided to take things one step further and make a printed version of this blog. After all, everyone knows that I don't like reading off of a screen, so it only makes sense to compile this blog into a physical book format.

This is one of the few InDesign projects I've worked on in which I was able to clearly visualize what I wanted and then go and do it. I've hit very few roadblocks along the way, and if I've neglected this blog a little bit, I've had a great time designing my book in the interim. The book-making process is tons of fun, especially when you are your own boss.

As I was compiling/editing entries, in the back of my mind I was trying to determine a theme in the topics of my blog posts. Some topics were easy to classify--the weather, Harry Potter, work--but some were just plain random and couldn't really be put in a category with anything other than itself. I remember quite distinctly talking about my blog during various job interviews. The interviewee would say, "Tell me about your blog" and I would tell them that I used it to write about whatever I felt like writing about. They would look slightly annoyed and ask, "Can you be a little more specific?" to which I would reply, "I write about whatever I'm thinking about, like nature, school, work, books, dentists, clothes . . ." until they realized that I meant what I said--I write about whatever I feel like writing about. I have no ulterior motives other than to entertain myself.

So, I think I succeeded on my goal for this blog. However, if I had to pinpoint an overall theme (though it still doesn't apply to everything I talked about), it would probably be change. When I first started this blog, I wondered if it would become obsolete after a year after covering all the holidays, season changes, and such. But if there's one thing I've learned in the last year, it's that life is an ongoing mystery waiting to be discovered. So, rest assured that this blog won't become inactive. :)

A few random facts about my first year in the blogosphere:

  • I published 101 posts.

  • Tuesday was my most popular blogging day with 26 posts, while Sunday was my least popular day, with only 4 posts.

  • The book form of this blog will be over 200 pages (8x10) long. Which means it's going to cost a lot to "publish" it.

  • My favorite post, off the top of my head, would have to be "Dentist appointments and car repair shops."

  • I think I used the phrase "Harry Potter" more than any other phrase. 107 times, to be exact (that's about once per post). So, if I haven't convinced all of my readers to give Harry Potter a chance, I have failed as a human being.

I intended to make this list longer, but it's like 15 minutes past my dinner time and I'm too hungry to think straight. The only problem is that Danielle is cooking tonight, which means I've got to wait at least another hour to eat. I am definitely not a fan of eating dinner at 8:00. Maybe she's trying to kill me off.

But until then, adios, and happy anniversary! Or, something like that. :)


  1. Wow. 101 posts. I'm impressed. And I think I would die literally if I had to wait until 8:00 for dinner!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like late dinners. And the sad thing is, Danielle didn't even cook for both of us last night because she thought I had already eaten. So I waited for nothing.