Thursday, July 1, 2010

Maybe, just maybe, this July won't roast us all

For me, July has always kind of been a miserable month. Growing up during a long drought, we rarely got any moisture after May and it was always so HOT, especially in July and August. By this time softball season would be over and we would retreat inside for a couple of months, although we would usually emerge from our houses when the sun was going down to enjoy those amazing summer nights. Because of the dry and miserable heat, we were often denied the pleasure of doing our own fireworks—one of the only good things about July. For several years, the only opportunity we had to watch fireworks was from the roof of our house when the Stadium of Fire was giving its show 20 miles away.

But this July just might be different. Today on my way to work, it actually rained—and some of those raindrops were BIG. Yesterday we got a pretty impressive rainstorm (however short it may have been), and I was very grateful that my car hadn't started that day so that I could be home during all of the excitement. Tyrel grabbed his video camera and me, Kimberly, and Shannan opened the doors and looked outside in awe. I love seeing the water flood down the roads. I love watching the rain gutters overflow. I love watching nature rage such an awesome battle. I have been severely thunder-storm deprived, and even wimpy Utah storms never cease to amaze me.

I checked the weather forecast for the next 10 days and couldn't believe what I saw—the hottest temperature for the next 10 days is supposed to be 93º. The 4th of July weekend is actually supposed to be in the 80s (too bad I'll be in St. George that weekend and will still have to endure the 100º+ temperatures).

Maybe this month I'll be able to look out the window and never have to see the heat sucking the life out of the atmosphere. Maybe I won't feel near death every time I am out in the brutal sun for more than 30 seconds. Maybe we'll actually see RAIN this July. Maybe the grass will be green and healthy rather than—dead. And maybe, just maybe, I will experience my first pleasant July ever.

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