Thursday, December 3, 2015

Something good

I don't like going longer than a week without posting, and whenever that happens (which has been pretty standard the past few years, sadly), I start to scramble for ideas on what to write about. Sometimes I'll even make a mind map on a sticky-note to help me brainstorm. That's how devoted I am to my readers, guys.

But lately the only "inspiration" I've been able to easily draw from has been bad news—yucky politics (is that redundant?), unreliable media (again, redundant?), and so much violence. Did you know we've had more shootings this year than we've had days?

These types of things really bum me out, and I don't like to dwell on them too much.

One thing that consistently doesn't bum me out, though, is this group of people.

 Sure, we aren't immune to family drama, but a lot of our time together looks like this.

 And on very rare occasions for very short moments, they look like this.

It's difficult to feel too down about the world's troubles when you've got little human beings like these in your life.

Or that little smirk.

It's not ignoring the world's problems when you find comfort and joy in your family. If anything, it gives you more motivation to make your small corner, at least, a little better.

Just ask Sam.


  1. This is probably the best post I've seen in awhile :) Your family is adorable.

    It is really hard to write when there is so much going on. Every time I have tried lately it's come up negative, so I"ve scrapped it. I loved reading this a lot - it gave me a bit of joy on a frosty morning.

    Also - you look stunning.

    Cheers to you!

  2. Gah, so much love! Also, I feel required to add (clearing of throat) AND Repetitive!