Saturday, June 13, 2015

Photo challenge: Part 1

As usually happens when I get a new toy, my excitement for my new camera wore off after a few months. But recently I realized that while I may have the basics down, I never dabbled into the advanced settings of my camera.

So I put together a 30-day photo challenge to help rekindle my interest in the fascinating art of photography. It's been a fun experiment so far.

Day 1: Self-portrait. Photography has given me a new respect for that ball of fire in the sky, even though it's the cause of heat misery and thereby sleep deprivation.

Day 2: Clouds. Thursday was an awesome day for clouds. I wandered around with my camera aimed at the sky for quite a while; my neighbors probably thought I was a freak. It was really hard picking just one to include in this post, but eventually vivid colors won out.

Day 3: Water. I wanted to capture water in motion, so my brilliant plan was to make Shannan throw pitchers of water above her head. I have a feeling she'll be the guinea pig a lot during this challenge.

Day 4: Anything with wheels. This is my neighbors' bike. Judging by the millennia of dust coating the seat, tires, and handlebars, it doesn't get used much.

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