Monday, November 10, 2014

Thoughts with no theme

  • It's quite a luxury to be able to dump your thoughts on a page without having to connect them in any way. English teachers don't let you do it, editors don't let you do it, and neither do themed blog challenges.
  • But today, I'm doing it.
  • November is almost halfway over, and I still haven't gotten that hankering for Christmas music yet. This is why I want it to get colder—it's the only way to fix this weird problem.
  • My hair is short again, and it's so refreshing. I don't know why I hung on to that dead weight for so long.
  • Today I learned that these awesome bikes are called Wiggle Bikes.

  • I also learned that they have a 110-pound weight limit. But don't let that stop you from channeling your inner child.
  • Also, they should make adult versions of these bikes. I'm positive they would make family reunions more fun, not to mention their YouTube possibilities are almost limitless.
  • I've been on a crocheting kick lately. This is what I'm making right now. Except it's green.
  • There are only two full work weeks until Thanksgiving.
  • I really hate renewing my temple recommend. You know those stories you always hear about the increased opposition an individual faces when they decide to go through the temple? It happens again when you renew your recommend. 
  • Daylight savings is really messing up my workout routine. Goodbye until March, evening walks.


  1. I've never heard them called wiggle bikes. Plasma Cars:

    Also, those pics look familiar... was that from when we went to Las Vegas?

  2. I like Plasma Cars better. That way there's no connection to a certain TV show I'm trying to block from my memory.

    And yep, those pictures are from our Las Vegas trip.