Thursday, October 23, 2014

When bold living doesn't change your situation

I'm a firm believer that if you want something to happen, you have to make it happen. I've tried that sitting-around-waiting-for-a-miracle thing, and it's not a very reliable way to make sure things get done.

Which is why bold living has been my focus this year. My hope was that it would help me live more fully, take more risks, and thereby make things happen.

And it has helped—I've had experiences I wouldn't have had if I didn't make a conscious decision to be a bit more daring. I'm more willing to take chances than I used to be, even though it's not necessarily any easier. (I'll post more on this later this week, so stay tuned.)

But this challenge has also been a reminder that I can't control everything in my life. Bold living has enriched certain aspects of it, but my life is still my life. It's a hard lesson for us independent types to learn, but sometimes the only way to get a miracle is to wait for it to come to you. (I can just see feminists around the country squawking at that statement. But I don't care about them.)

But that's no reason to not live boldly; in fact, it's because of the situations you can't change that you should strive to live a certain way. I don't care if you want to focus on boldness or contentment or continual learning—the way you live your life regardless of your lack of control defines the person you are and the richness of your life journey.

It's like my stake president told us last month: trust God that things will work out, and then go live your life.

I'm amazed I'm still learning things about bold living after 23 days of writing about it. I guess that's the whole point, though, isn't it?

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  1. I like that. But I also think that God can give us miracles best when we move. I sort of think the idea of living boldly with what you have, while waiting, is the best end-all answer. Hard to keep doing though :)