Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pretty much the boldest person I know of

When I was at BYU, there was this guy in my ward, Andrew Wilcox. He is one of the most uniquely awesome people I have ever met. Everyone liked him, even though he was just a lowly freshman. I distinctly remembering him heart-attacking all the girls' apartments on Valentine's Day, and leading a snowball fight in the Miller parking lot—with a broken foot. He got around with this cool skooter thing—he would kneel on it with his injured leg and push with the good one. This did not stop him from participating fully in the snowball fight.

In the past year, he's used his awesomeness to become something of a YouTube sensation. (He even made it onto some major news networks.) This is a guy who knows how to live life to a fullest that most people wouldn't even attempt.

The only other person I can picture busting some moves on a stranger's roof is my brother. Maybe I should find a way to introduce them. I don't know if the world can handle that much awesomeness at once, though.

I think it'll take me about 700 years to work my way up to Andrew's type of bold living. Until then, I'll just let him entertain me.

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