Friday, November 15, 2013

Gratefuls: Nov. 9–15

Nov. 9: I was productive enough during the week to allow myself to declare a homework strike today.

Nov. 10: That wonderful barbecuing meat smell. If I ever come across the Amortentia potion ("The most powerful love potion in the world!" according to Hermione), I'm sure the first thing I will smell is meat on the grill. Best. Smell. Ever. And, just for fun, I think that seductive smell would be accompanied by the smell of rain on concrete, new books, and homemade bread.

Nov. 11: As ready as I am for sweaters and Christmas music, I am loving the 60-degree weather we've had the past few days. Especially since it means I can delay moving my workouts inside for a little bit longer.

Nov. 12 (11/12/13): Utah Technology Magazine, a digital magazine I've been editing pieces for, released its first issue today! (iPad version only for now, sorry. But it looks awesome on the iPad, so if you have one, you should check it out.) It's been really exciting to watch UTM morph from an idea to an actual publication. You can get a preview of the content on our website.

Nov. 13: Today I was stuck in Orem for a for a few hours between meetings. So I decided to go on a walk, and I discovered a lovely park hiding behind some mansions. It had walking trails, a duck pond, and lots of fall leaves. These types of discoveries make me miss Utah County.

Nov. 14: Last week, I wrote a review for our marketing automation software company, and today they sent me a $100 Amazon gift card! Naturally, I've already spent half of it.

Nov. 15: I made a "Rainy Days and Mondays" playlist a week ago, and I finally got to use it today. You won't hear me complaining about Utah's gloomy weather forecast.

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