Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gratefuls Nov. 23–30

Nov. 23: My nephews still know who I am!

Nov. 24: Long Sunday naps.

Nov. 25: No school this week. Yay! I had planned to get a little bit of writing done today and tomorrow to help make next week less horrendous, but I've decided I would rather have fun instead.

Nov. 26: So, I saw Catching Fire on Saturday and I can't get it out of my head. I was planning on avoiding books and rotting my brain via TV all week, but Harry Potter has taught me that sometimes staying away from books is more distracting than escaping into them. So today I'm grateful that I have the wonderful luxury of time to dive into a trilogy that demands your full attention.

Nov. 27: Leaving work early to start a long weekend. In traditional Thanksgiving Break fashion, we kicked off our vacation with a TV show marathon and a game of Risk. Sometimes I think the evening before Thanksgiving Break officially begins is the best part of the entire break.

Nov. 28: Mom's surgery went well and she doesn't have to hobble around anymore.

Nov. 29: When you have a lovely day off and realize with a jolt of happiness that tomorrow is Saturday.

Nov. 30: Good books, leftovers, and Christmas lights.

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