Friday, November 22, 2013

Gratefuls Nov. 16–22

Nov. 16: My Saturday homework marathons never take as long as I think they will.

Nov. 17: I love it when general authorities come to stake conference and you get to see a side of their personality that you don't get to see during General Conference.

Nov. 18: Five years of working at a pizza place has given me super-human tolerance for pizza, when it easily could have gone the other way. I am basically going to be living off of pizza this week. 

Nov. 19: My TV shows. I only watch two, but they provide a nice excuse to take a break a few times a week. And Once Upon a Time is much better than it was last season.

Nov. 20: Christmas music. I might have put Christmas music back on my iPod before Halloween this year, not sure, but I only allowed myself to listen to the occasional song that made it through my shuffle stream, and during that week it was 60 degrees I skipped all the Christmas tunes. Today, I put an end to such foolishness. It's time to be reunited with old friends, and to acquaint myself with the new albums I bought with my Amazon gift card last week. 

Nov. 21: Winter fruit, like pomegranates and oranges. The only downside is that neither can just be popped into your mouth. You have to work for it first.

Nov. 22: Reliable co-workers.


  1. (This is Kim's friend Whitney speaking)
    I just wanted to say that I saw this article about Neville and thought of you.
    I'm glad there are still people who think about Harry Potter this much.
    Thanks for writing your blog. I love it.

  2. I love that article. Neville is definitely one of my favorite characters.