Friday, November 8, 2013

Gratefuls: Nov. 1–8

I wasn't going to do the November Daily Grateful Thing this year, but I have to be honest here. Nothing good is going to happen this month if I'm not watching out for it.

Besides, I'm tired of looking at that Barbie.

Nov. 1: (Repeat from last year) Halloween is over! I really tried to be a good sport about Halloween this year (it helped immensely that no one made it their month's mission to get me to dress up). And I even enjoyed our office's costume contest/office decorating contest, and then I skipped my homework for the day to watch Clue. But it was still kind of exhausting. It's such a relief to have the hoopla of Halloween out of the way. Now for Christmas! Just kidding. Sort of.

Nov. 2: I did everything I needed/wanted to do today. And I had a long to-do list (which included sleeping in and watching TV for a couple of hours). I'm still kind of in shock that my day actually went as planned.

Nov. 3: People who like snow and don't complain about winter all the time. I like my family.

Nov. 4: Nerds (the candy. Although nerds in human form are good, too). I was having a seriously hard time staying awake after lunch today. A leftover box of grape Nerds saved me.

Nov. 5: My car. It hasn't been in the shop (for anything other than routine checkup type things) for over a year. It's a good little car. I don't miss the drama of a constantly breaking down car one bit.

Nov. 6: It's Wednesday, and I don't hate life. Woo-hoo!

Nov. 7: I woke up to "Time of My Life" by David Cook this morning, which is my fifth-favorite song. Seriously, I should start every day like this.

Nov. 8: BYU basketball starts tonight.

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