Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A May day

I felt rather odd when I woke up the morning of May 1. My calendars told me that it was the month of flowers, of graduations, of pool openings, of longer days.

Internally, I was still in March mode. The month of wind, rain, snow, and sunshine. The thick, fluffy snowflakes my cheap blinds failed to shield from me reinforced my resigned acceptance of Utah's bipolar spring weather.

But something felt a little off. The sun rose before I rolled out of bed in the mornings and would cast an annoying reflection on my TV until at least 8:30 p.m. People were talking about summer plans, not spring break plans. I went to work a few times without a jacket. 

These types of things don't usually happen in March, but still I could not shake the feeling that we'd be stuck in the cold grip of the vicious winter of '12 forever.

But today, I believe. The twittering birds aren't an illusion, the tulips outside my apartment building aren't fake, and the sun doesn't have to break through as many ice barriers to get to me. It doesn't matter that I had to wear my glasses today because one of my eyes felt like there was a nail jammed into the back of it, that it was Tuesday, or that I had to spend the day inside. Today, I truly believe, not just hope, that summer will appear on the 2013 calendar.

It's a lovely May day, ya'll.

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