Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gratefuls: Nov 14–20

Nov 14: My co-workers. I have a boss that is tailor-made for my personality and co-workers that understand the importance of having a sense of humor.

Nov 15: Not having to go anywhere after getting home from work.

Nov 16: Crossing scary things off my to-do list early in the day.

Nov 17: (1) The people at the grocery store who had the same harassed, I-didn't-want-to-go-anywhere-today look, whose hair was pulled back into a hasty ponytail, who didn't bother putting on any makeup, and who wore long coats to cover their pajamas underneath. I felt a strange kinship with these people. (2) While everyone else was bemoaning the loss of their beloved Twinkies, it finally occurred to me that my favorite treat may be gone forever as well—those little, one-dollar cherry pie things. Luckily, grocery stores still sell canned pie cherries, so they will help me cope with my loss.

Nov 18: Today I realized that there are Rivendell apartments and a Privet Drive in my ward. Clearly I picked the right ward, if not the right apartment complex.

No 19: One day down, two more to go. . . .

Nov 20: The fact that I don't have to talk to anyone on Tuesdays. It's a lot easier to revel in my typical Tuesday blues that way. There's something about fueling a bad mood that is oddly satisfying.

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