Friday, November 11, 2011

Polar opposites of awesome

I am pretty much a walking contradiction. However, that's my prerogative as long as I remain a woman.

In my last post, I elaborated upon my delight at finding myself in need of a sick day. I have never had so much fun being sick in my life. I was sick enough to force myself to slow down, but not sick enough to have to be hospitalized. And I'm telling you, it's a good position to be in . . . as long as you can get away with pretty much putting your life on hold for awhile, which, I totally can.

I still went to work four days that week, but I'll be the first to say that the work I did wasn't up to my usual standard, and every minute outside the office was spent honing my skills as the new veg queen of the week. This is the first time in my life that that was acceptable; it was completely in my power to cater to my every sickly want and need. If that meant taking two naps in one day, so be it; if it meant finishing an entire crochet project in a week, that works too; if it meant possibly skipping out on relief society, well, it is what it is; and keeping up with exercise, piano, social interaction, and all that other stuff that is completely good for me was completely out of the question.

Call me crazy, but I loved how many things being sick got me out of doing.

This week, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. I decided on Sunday that starting Monday morning, I was going to be as healthy as a horse and as productive as an awesome person.

And for once in my life, the world accommodated my request. Aside from some lingering congestion, I was completely healthy again (never in my life have I recovered from a cold so quickly; there is something to be said for getting plenty of rest to spur speedy recovery), and I have been awesome this week; I worked out and practice my piano every day, I did a lot of cleaning and laundry, I ate nutritious meals (and even managed to avoid the grocery store this week; score!), I caught up with my roommate a bit, and I've had the most productive week at work that I've ever had.

The aligning of these two polar opposites of awesome--abject laziness and feverish productiveness--might have something to do with why I've been so completely happy lately. I used to think that to achieve this kind of giddy, unexplainable happiness you had to be in love, but obviously that isn't true, seeing as I have no prospects and have still found myself smiling for no reason at random moments.

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