Friday, October 7, 2011

What? Winter already? No, please . . . I need more time!

Was it really just a few days ago that I turned on the AC before I went to bed so that I wouldn't have to sleep in an oven?

Right now, just thinking of turning on the AC is enough to chill me to the bone. As if the sudden temperature drop isn't enough to do that for me. I had forgotten how cold 40 degrees really is.

Normally, the first cold stint of the year gets me all excited. There's lots of great things about wintry weather: hot chocolate, some of the best holidays of the year, pretty snow, not to mention my wardrobe doubles. It's always exciting wearing my leather jacket for the first time of the season, getting reacquainted with my sweaters, replacing my thin blankets with my heavier-duty ones, going to sleep to the sound of the heater, and smelling that cold, end-of-autumn smell in the air.

This year, however, I'm just not ready. I don't want to be able to see my breath in the air. I don't want to start scraping the ice off my car every morning. I don't want to see snow-capped mountains; I'm still marveling in the autumnal trees. I'm not ready for the drama snow brings.

Wouldn't it be nice if Mother Nature would treat us with some warm weather again, just so I can enjoy a few more weeks of warmth so I can mentally prepare myself for pre-winter excitement? Never in my 24 years of life have I been caught off-guard when winter reemerges; it just feels wrong to be complaining along with everyone else about the sudden cold and wet, and it's ruining one of my most-anticipated adventures of the year.

But wait; according to, next week is nothing but suns and temperatures in the 60s and 70s. Is Mother Nature really going to give me a second chance to enjoy the turn of the season? Oh, I hope this isn't one of her cruel tricks. If it is, you'll probably see me outside pulling a Lorelai Gilmore, attacking the snow on my car while I yell "You and I are through!" to the sunless sky.

Please, Mother Nature; give me one more chance to do this thing right.

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