Thursday, September 15, 2011

The birthday curse

We all know why birthdays are awesome: all day long you are bombarded with birthday wishes, you can use the "it's my birthday" excuse whenever you don't want to do something or whenever you want someone to do something for you (and, of course, everyone will understand), people lavish you with gifts, and if there's only one cheesy bread left at your Sizzler birthday dinner, your demands automatically outweigh anyone else's, no questions asked.

In short, birthdays are the one day a year that it's okay to be self-absorbed. And I am finally man enough to admit that I like taking advantage of that.

The downside of birthdays, however, is that they're only 24 hours long. All too soon, you must return to your "normal person" status because there is no longer anything special about you. If you want that last cheesy bread, you'll either have to fight for it or politely let your sister have it (although, in my family's case at least, there would be no "politeness" involved in that transaction).

So not only do you have to suffer the cruelty of relinquishing your princess throne, but you also have to go back to proving your worth and being nice to people again.

Life is just so hard.

1 comment:

  1. Oops. I didn't know you wanted more cheesy bread. When one of the people in question is pregnant, you have to fight extra hard. ;)