Thursday, June 23, 2011

Long summer days

I am not usually a fan of 80+ temperatures, but I have to admit I've enjoyed the heat of the past few days. It's been oddly refreshing to walk out into the legitimately hot world and not have to ignore the cool breeze or go through another pointless debate with myself regarding whether the balmy 60-weather required a jacket or not. Instead, I can enjoy the sun rays heating every particle of my body and bask in the dry hot air.

And, may I also add that I am quite glad the great internal "to turn on the AC or to open windows" dialogue will no longer cause me to (literally) lose sleep at night. Because that was quite maddening.

I never thought I would get all poetic about hot temperatures, but I guess the unusually long and wet spring got to my head a little.

Or perhaps it is just my love for changing seasons. I don't think I could be happy in a place that had the same weather all year round, even if it was nice weather. Maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment or something, because I like to suffer for my rewards. Suffering through the winter-spring battle is always a struggle, but it makes the arrival of summer all the more wonderful. With summer comes pleasant evening walks, sprinklers, family reunions and vacations, water activities, and long, lazy days. And this year we'll have the added benefit of seeing green stuff in July, assuming we aren't all swept away in a flood. (Though as bad as that would be, I would love to go fishing on state street like they did during the great floods of 20 years ago, but, unfortunately, Salt Lake seems to be more prepared this time.)

Soon the heat will become obnoxious enough to drive us into our cool houses, but for now I am enjoying summer for all the glories that it contains. All I need now is to play a good softball game in an emptying ballpark, wafting with the smells of greasy hamburgers, as the sun sets. That is the perfect picture of summer.

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