Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The master multitasker

I have always been a fan of killing two birds with one stone. In fact, in my efforts to avoid work, I have often found myself doing more work the roundabout way rather than the straight and recommended way. Which happens to all slackers periodically.

I often use my slacker tendencies to kill two good birds with one stone, meaning I will use a service project or something similar to fulfill a homework assignment or something. You know you've done that too. . . .

But if you want to see a master (metaphorical) bird-killer at work with just one small stone, watch general conference. I guarantee that someone out there is touching the hearts of every individual who watches even one talk, assuring them that they are doing okay and inspiring them to do better.

I'll never have that kind of power, but I'm grateful that I get to partake of it. Along with millions of other people across the globe, I felt like I received individually catered answers to my carefully constructed questions.

That's the kind of multitasker I want on my side all of the time.

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